Alley Cats Jazz Band

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Monday 10 November 2014 Some fun (if not slightly blurry) photos of Alley Cats Jazz Band at Griffin Park Jazz Club on Monday this week. The band was first formed in 1970 and has been in its current form for about 15 years. Dave Allison leads the band on clarinet and reeds with Keithy Brown on drums, Geoff Perrin on banjo and guitar, Les Dyos on trombone and Mike Godwin on bass.

They are a fun band and deliberately play a mix of Traditional, Dixieland, Caribbean and Latin American music, with a bit of Pop as well. It’s an enjoyable style and we were treated to many a tune, including: ‘Nobody loves you when you’re down and out’; ‘Coffee Song’ (a Latin American number); Herbie Hancock’s ‘Watermelon Man’ and a great rendition of ‘Brazil’!

As well as being regulars at our jazz club the band also plays at The Adelaide in Teddington and The Barley Mow in Shepperton.


Some words from the crowd:

Graham Brooks The Alley Cats Jazz Band provided another good night on Monday. All the right notes and in the right order. A moving tribute to Acker Bilk was included, clarinet played by Dave Allison. Very nice.
Why not come along next month when Bob Dwyers Bix and Pieces will provide the music on Monday 8 December. This will be the last show this year. Hope you can make it.



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