Excel Jazzmen

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Monday 12 January 2015 Excel Jazzmen started the new year off with some great entertainment last night with a mix of tunes including Thank you Mr Moon, Canal Street Blues and I Double Dare You.

Tony Karavis – Cornet
Colin Kingwell – Trombone
Bernie Murtha – Clarinet and Sax
Peter Brooks – Double Bass
Tim Wake – Banjo
Pete Littleproud – Drums

Excel Jazzmen started life in 1990 so are now in their 25th year. They’re based in the Surrey/Hampshire area but play where the music takes them… as far West as Cornwall, as far North as Cheshire, as far East as Kent and more locally around the South coast. They specialise in New Orleans-based tunes at venues in jazz clubs, sports clubs and at festivals including some weekend jazz festivals, and they enjoy mixing the styles to include songs like I’m the King of the Swingers and Hello Dolly. Tony set the band up originally and others have joined him along the way. He started playing when he left college, joining other bands before setting up his own band. Colin and Pete joined them today on trombone and drums, and all the members play in various bands. They like to encourage younger people to come along to enjoy their music, why not give it a try!

One More Time are here next month on Monday 9 February, see you then.


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