One More Time

IMG_4393Monday 9 February 2015 One More Time gave us a lively evening full of uplifting numbers including Amore, written in 1941, Rosetta from 1928 a New Orleans song, and I Cried for You with a great drum and double bass section.

The band were:
Max Emmons – Trumpet and vocals
Peter Smith – Alto Sax and Clarinet
Mike Pointon – Trombone and vocals
Damian Murphy – Electric Piano
Michael Godwin – Double Bass
Dave ‘Pumphouse’ Evans – Drums

I asked the band members what music they enjoyed listening to:

Max likes this style of jazz, rock and roll, bebop, swing and freeform, he spent 20 years of his life playing as blues clubs. He enjoys New Orleans Folk Jazz where the music isn’t read from notes but listened to so you can pick up how the music is played and the differences in styles. He loves all music including Opera and regularly listens to the live performances from The Met in New York.

Peter said how wonderful it was to grow up in an era where Classical was the norm until jazz came along and shock things up.

Mike loves all music including New Orleans Jazz and Argentinian Tango.

Damian also plays in an Irish band, being Irish himself. An elderly friend of his sadly passed away but left him some incredible Czech marches which he really enjoys listening to: ‘it swings’.

Michael likes anything with a good tune and melody, early jazz and New Orleans jazz.

Dave loves listening to French Classical music including Debussy, Ravel and Erik Satie.

Join us next time on Monday 9 March at Griffin Park when West London Rhythm Kings will be playing.


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