West London Rhythm Kings


Mon 10 March 2015 Chas McDevitt joined the West London Rhythm Kings last night at Griffin Park Jazz Club for a stomping night of tunes including Girl of my Dreams, Magpie Stomp, Freight Train and Creole Lovecall.

Clarinet – John Lawes
Trumpet – John Keen
Trombone (this evening) – Ian McAulay
Banjo – Tim Wake
Bass – Peter Brooks
Drums – Pete Littleproud

Back in 1979 the West London Rhythm Kings started out in The Bricklayer’s Arms, Ealing Road in Brentford (now demolished in favour of housing), then moved to the Princess Royal and The Globe. Between 1997 and 2005 the band had a residency at The Magpie in Sunbury. They’ve played regularly at Griffin Park Jazz Club over the past 5 years and gig all over London at weddings and parties. Their personnel has been stable but their regular trombonist John Howlet is unwell at the moment and Ian did a fine job of replacing him this evening. The band enjoys playing New Orleans jazz, making people jig and dance and cheer up. One of John Keen’s influences was Louis Armstrong who he met in 1959 getting off the band bus and he ran up to him and got his autograph.

In 1995 they met skiffle-king Chas McDevitt famed for topping the pop charts in the 50s with Freight Train and have had a very enjoyable association with him since. Chas has published a wonderful book called Skiffle: The Definitive Inside Story which is available to purchase from his website: www.chasmcdevitt.co.uk


The next gig is on Monday 13 April with Alley Cats Jazz Band and a special blues and rock performance in the interval by John Habes from Crawdaddy


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