Bob Dwyer’s Bix and Pieces


Mon 8 June 2015 Bob Dwyer returned with his band last night to perform a wide range of lively tunes for us, it was a great night. We enjoyed listening to Change Partners with Me, a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tune; Fats Waller’s Ain’t Misbehaving with Hugh on the keyboards and Kenny Ball’s So do I.

IMG_5906 Trombone, vocals – Bob Dwyer
IMG_5907 Trumpet, harmonica, vocals – Max Emmons
IMG_5910 Clarinet, alto sax – Bernie Holden
IMG_5903 Banjo, vocals – Nick Singer
IMG_5912 Bass sax, double bass – John Bayne
IMG_5900 Drums – Laurie Chescoe
IMG_5899 Piano, vocals – Hugh Crozier (his dad was goal keeper at Brentford*)

The band is playing in Soho in a couple of weeks time at The Spice of Life on Cambridge Circus. See them on Wednesday 17 June, 12.30-3.30pm, admission £7 in the basement bar. We look forward to seeing them again at Griffin Park.

*Hugh’s dad Joe Crozier made 225 appearances for the Bees, either side of the Second World War. As a testament to his longevity, Crozier made 114 of his 200 league appearances consecutively.

Join us next month on Monday 13 July when Max Emmons is back with his band One More Time


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