Brian Carrick’s Algiers Stompers

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Monday 9 November 2015 Last night Brian Carrick and his band filled the club with their wonderful New Orleans tunes. Influenced by the joyous and jaunty sounds of the Kid Thomas Band at Heritage Hall (formerly Dixieland Hall) on Bourbon Street, he returned to the UK to form the Heritage Hall Stompers, part of the British jazz scene for 40 years. Brian continues to visit New Orleans each year to listen to music, play and also make recordings. In 1996 Brian decided to form the Algiers Stompers to play in the tradition of the Kid Thomas band and so this band was formed. Many of the band have played with Kid Thomas and know about his style of music.

A serious car accident (2 weeks before Princess Diana’s) left Brian with badly crushed legs and it resulted in taking over a year off to convalesce, delaying the first planned recording of the band. Their first recording was eventually made at the 1998 Bude Jazz Festival.

Saxophone and vocals – Brian Carrick
Trumpet – Peter Wright
Trombone and vocals – Chas Hudson
Piano – Hugh Crozier
Drums – Ray Bowden
Banjo – Mack MacDonald

A photo of Brian’s saxophone case with stickers from New Orleans clubs. Each one has it’s own story.

Join us again at the club on Monday 14 December for the Excel Jazzmen


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