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It is with great sadness that we heard that Dave Evans passed away last week. A Brentford resident, regular musician with One More Time and man of few words he was simply amazing on the drums. When asked, he once told me he enjoyed listening to French Classical music: Debussy, Ravell and Eric Satie. Some beautiful heartfelt music. Heather (Fluff) has fond memories of Dave drumming sticks on railings on his way home from Strand-on-the-Green school when he was a child, and he will very much be missed at the club.

From the Who’s Who of British Jazz 2nd edition:

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 13.58.54.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-23 at 13.58.03.png


From allmusic.com’s website. Artist Biography by Eugene Chadbourne. http://www.allmusic.com/artist/dave-evans-mn0001463344

Artist Biography by Eugene Chadbourne

The name Dave Evans has gotten much less play in recorded jazz circles than other genres, but perhaps a future era will be noted for an infusion of jazzmen with this common name. Of the four players that have shown up on discographies of recorded jazz, the drummer Dave Evans is certainly the most prolific, having cut more than two-dozen albums beginning in the early ’60s. This puts him well in front of the competition from the other Dave Evans on record, two of whom only cut one side each during their careers.

Soothsayers who feel the name has the feel of a trad jazz player are right on the dotted quarter note. Evans approach to drumming and his stylistic interests are so basic that he is sometimes credited with playing only a snare drum. A drummer who can swing a band with just a snare would be a perfect match for an old-school pianist such as Art Hodes. Indeed, Evans, sometimes packing an entire kit, has been a fixture in this pianist’s ensembles such as the Magnolia Jazz Band and Art Hodes Blue Five & Six. In the ’80s, the drummer was affiliated with Butch Thompson‘s New Orleans jazz revival units. More recent collaborations include gigs with Alton PurnellKeith Smith, and Warren Vache Sr.


On YouTube Dave Evans plays with One More Time at The Brewery Tap in Brentford:


9 thoughts on “Dave Evans RIP

  1. Very sad to learn that the wonderful New Orleans and traditional Jazz Drummer Dave Evans has passed away. Living in Midhurst, West Sussex now, means that we don’t get to the Brewery Tap, as much as we did in the old days, when with family and friends we would enjoy Dave’s superb drumming, and gentlemanly behaviour. I’ve just learned about Dave leaving us, by listening to Radio 3’s Jazz Record requests where they made a fine tribute to him, and played him on record. RIP Dave. John Edward Boulton and Cecily Hughes.


    • Hello
      Thank you very much for letting us know about the tribute to Dave Evans on Radio 3’s Jazz Record Requests.

      I found the link and some details here:


      Artist Butch Thompson
      Title Shake It And Break It
      Composer trad
      Album Butch Thompson’s King Oliver Centennial Band
      Label GHB
      Number BCD 202 Track 5
      Duration 3.52
      Performers: Cuff Billett, Charlie DeVore, c; Pete Dyer, tb; Teddy Layton, cl; Butch Thompson, p; Mal Horne, bj; Alyn Shipton, b; Dave Evans d. 1988.

      Any more links to Dave’s music would be great.


      • A short biography of Dave from this website:

        Dave Evans ( Drums )

        Dave was born in Perivale near London.
        He played his first gigs with Mitz Mitten’s band in 1956 and later worked with Mike Pointon, the Salutation Brass band , the New Teao and Ches Chesterman, before joining Pete Deuchar’s Professors of Ragtime in 1960.
        He was with Keith Smith’s band from the late 60’s then worked in Germany with Mac Duncan from March 1961. He then returned to the UK and joined Bobby Mickleburgh’s Confederates.
        Dave joined Keith Smith again from 1963 until 1965 when due to car crash injuries he was temporarily unable to play.
        During the 1960’s and 70’s Dave worked with a number of prominent bands and musicians such as; Barry Johnson’s Green Leaf Band (1966), Bill Greenow’s Quintet (1967-8), The Gothic Jazz Band (1970’s & 80’s), and guested with Ken Colyer on a number of occasions. He also played extensively in the InterCities Jazz Band from 1979 until its disbandment.
        Dave has accompanied many of the jazz greats such as: Alton Purnell, Champion Jack Dupree, Sammy Price, Joe Darensbourg, Thomas Jefferson and Al Casey.
        In recent times Dave has freelanced with many bands and was a regular with the London Ragtime Orchestra through to the middle 90’s. He is part of the re-formed Butch Thompson’s King Oliver Centennial Band and is also a regular member of the Excelsior Brass Band and Vintage Jazz Band.
        Dave’s impeccable timing and sympathetic swinging style completes the vibrant rhythm section of the Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band.


  2. For 18 years my wife and I ran The Brewery Tap in Brentford where Dave was the resident drummer with One More Time Jazz Band, he was a gentleman of few words with a superb dry sense of humour he will be sadly missed by all who were lucky enough to know Dave, RIP my friend….


  3. Hello… There is a crowdfunding for giving Dave a nice funeral, organized by his neighbours. Because additionally to being a fine drummer, he was also an animal lover and very kind with his neighbours… And he deserves a proper goodbye… As a matter of fact, all of us do 😦

    The link is : https://www.gofundme.com/3d20jc0
    My friend Ola is organizing it


    • Hi Agnes and Ola, thanks so much for posting this and letting us know about the crowdfunding for Dave’s funeral. I too was very fond of him, it seems we also share the same birthday 8 Feb, he was in my thoughts on Wednesday. I’m not sure if you’ve been in touch with Max Emmons but I’ve forwarded your link to him. You could email me on nicola.gary@hotmail.com if you’d like to get in touch directly.


      • Thanks! Anybody reading this, please contribute as we are really far off the target and we have a limited amount of time to raise the funds… It just breaks my heart.

        I have forwarded your email to Ola, as she is the one organizing this! I am merely a friend of hers 🙂


  4. Dear Dave’s friends

    You may already know, but I’d like to confirm that a date has been settled for Dave’s funeral which is Tuesday 28th Feb. 12 noon at Mortlake Crematorium. The Excelsior Marching Band will play. After, gather at The Brewery Tap, Catherine Wheel Road, BRENTFORD TW8 8BD. Music can be played, there is a piano. In the evening, it is the usual session from One More Time with Mike Scroxton on trumpet.

    There may be other memorial events as the days go by, possibly at the Express Hotel (opp. southern end of Kew Bridge) and other venues tba. I will try to advise as I hear.

    Those wishing to speak at Dave’s funeral service will be extremely welcome. Please advise me, or Gerry Wood – gerrywood2008@gmail.com

    Donations for the funeral expenses should be sent by cheque, and made out to me, at my address in Chatteris – Belmont House, 13 East Park Street, CHATTERIS, Cambs PE16 6LQ. Please use a special posting such as recorded delivery so that we can verify receipt if ever necessary. When donations are all received, and costs paid for, any monies over will be donated to a local charity set up on behalf of a young female music student who was murdered about a year ago in Brentford. This will go towards helping new students. More information on this will be supplied on request.

    Max Emmons
    t: 01354 695 696


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