Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces

Monday 9 October 2017 Bob Dwyer and his band returned to the club last night for an excellent evening of music. Favourites included Yes Yes in your Eyes (Peerless Quartet, 1924 and later Dean Martin), Music, Maestro, Please! by Tommy Dorsey, 1938, with Hugh on vocals and keyboard, and Louis Jordan’s number Caldonia from 1945. Continue reading


Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces

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Monday 14 November 2016 Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces were back at the club for another evening of lively music, with the Super Moon shining somewhere beyond the clouds. Favourites were Is it true what they say about Dixie (a Dean Martin song), You’re driving me crazy (a Billie Holiday song) with Hugh on vocals and Bob singing Why don’t you go down to New Orleans. There was some dancing and much merriment all round. Continue reading

Bob Dwyer’s Bix and Pieces


Mon 8 June 2015 Bob Dwyer returned with his band last night to perform a wide range of lively tunes for us, it was a great night. We enjoyed listening to Change Partners with Me, a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tune; Fats Waller’s Ain’t Misbehaving with Hugh on the keyboards and Kenny Ball’s So do I. Continue reading

Bob Dwyers Bix & Pieces


Monday 8 December 2014 So last night we had the final musical event of the year with Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces taking to the stage. The band’s been together for about 10 years and is inspired by the spirit of Bix Beidebeck, who represents a style of trumpet player similar to Louis Armstrong and some of the finest jazz ever played. They mainly play traditional jazz with some modern numbers for variety, and try to do some of the lost numbers other bands don’t play. They’ve taken part in most of the big festivals in the UK and abroad. Continue reading