Bob Dwyers Bix & Pieces


Monday 8 December 2014 So last night we had the final musical event of the year with Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces taking to the stage. The band’s been together for about 10 years and is inspired by the spirit of Bix Beidebeck, who represents a style of trumpet player similar to Louis Armstrong and some of the finest jazz ever played. They mainly play traditional jazz with some modern numbers for variety, and try to do some of the lost numbers other bands don’t play. They’ve taken part in most of the big festivals in the UK and abroad. Some interesting facts about the band:
Bob Dwyer on trombone and vocals
Max Emmons (also in One More Time) on trumpet, harmonica and vocals. Max started out in the 60s in R&B where he used to play the cornet then moved over to jazz
Bernie Holden on saxophone and clarinet, has been around a long time and enjoys mainstream jazz
Hugh Crosier on keyboards. Hugh’s father used to play in goal for Brentford FC before and after the war, from 1939 until 1946. He’s one of the best ragtime pianists around and plays a lot of Fats Waller and sings as well.
John Bayne is from Fife in Scotland and plays 13 instruments!
Nick Singer on banjo is a local and has played jazz 50+ years. He also plays guitar and does a lot with trio bands
Laurie Chescoe on drums has been playing since the early 50s and worked with all the big bands including Alex Welsh. He’s referred to within the band as the ‘I’ve been everywhere man’.

Some words from the crowd:
Graham Brooks The pre-Christmas meeting of the Griffin Park Jazz Club was a lively affair as always with Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces. It was about time my number came up on the raffle and it did! The next meeting will be on 12 January 2015. Why not come along and start the year with a bang. Hope to see you then. Graham


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